Your chance to give back someone's sight!

With a little help, the lives of thousands can be fundamentally changed in Congo: by a simple cataract surgery, the blind, children and adults, could become sighted again overnight. This is what Dr. Richárd Hardi has been doing for 23 years: restoring sight to Congolese living in remote rural areas. While this treatment costs only USD 20 or 25 for the patient, few can afford it in the second poorest country in the world.

Working for National Geographic, 4 years ago I spent 6 weeks in Congo to photo-document Doctor Richard’s efforts and commitment to serve the local communities. This April I will go to Congo for the second time to make a documentary about Doctor Hardi’s work.

To finance my trip, I need support.

Every donation supports my documentary film about Dr. Richard Hardi’s work. You also support doctor Richard’s mission because 20% of every donation goes directly to Dr. Hardi’s foundation.



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